Daisies & Dragons Duathlon
Roughneck for Kids
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Daisies & Dragons Duathlon

Duathlon, by definition, is an athletic event consisting of a run, followed by a cycling leg, and concluding with a run. It is similar to a triathlon except the swim is replaced by a run.  Kids run or walk 1K (0.6 miles), bike 2 miles, and run or walk 1K (0.6 miles) to the finish!  All finishers receive a custom kids race shirt and finisher's medal while supplies last.  The course is completely closed to traffic.  You must be there before 7:30AM to be parked and have your child's bike set up in transition.  Helmets are required.

Training wheels are allowed. This event is all about your child!  (Smaller children may make one loop of the bike course to equal 1 miles as long as the parent informs the timing company.)
Extra activities take place after the race so your child can continue to enjoy playing outside.  Our mission is to make it so fun, they don't even know they are exercising.  The event starts at 7:30AM and ends by 10:30AM

Daisies & Dragons Duathlon for Kids is an opportunity for kids from the ages of 15 and under to participate in a fun, family oriented event to promote health. 

Roughneck for Kids

Time Period: 2 Minutes Contestant flips the tire. Different sized tires for youth categories. Walks to the opposite side of the tire and flips it again. Repeat this back and forth process until the 2 minutes expire.
Time Period: 2 Minutes. Move as many road cones a set distance as possible. Road cones must be neatly stacked before returning to grab another stack of cones. If cones are thrown, they do not count.
Time Period: 2 Minutes. Sit or stand with feet planted against curb. Contestant pulls the rope toward them until the tire touches the curb. Run to the opposite curb with the end of the rope. Sit and pull the rope to repeat the process.
Timed Event: Roll a tire around an obstacles course of cones without disturbing any cones as quickly as you can.

Register for the Duathlon:

This is a fun event and a favorite of many of our volunteers.  We can never have too many volunteers.  Simply show up race day and we can use your skills.  Parents can be on the course to assist/ accompany younger children.  Please be aware of the other young athletes to not impede their progress and to maintain a safe environment for all participants. 


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