Iron Games
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Weight Classes

There are 15 weight classes for every category:

Male (8 classes) – under 123.3 lbs, 123.22 lbs to 136.4 lbs, 136.422 to 151.8 lbs, 151.822 to 169.4 lbs, 169.422 to 187 lbs, 187.002 to 206.8 lbs, 206.822 to 231 lbs, over 231 lbs.

Female (7 classes) – under 105.6 lbs, 105.622 to 116.6 lbs, 116.622 to 127.6 lbs, 127.622 to 138.6 lbs, 138.622 to 151.8 lbs, 151.822 to 165 lbs, over 165 lbs.


Powerlifting: Squats, bench press, and deadlifts in that order.  You have three attempts at each movement.  Remember once you pick your starting weight, you cannot reduce the weight if you fail to lift it.

Olympic lifting: Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  Just like in Powerlifting, you have three attempts. 

Metcon: to be revealed closer to the competition date.  The team metcon will differ from the individual metcon completed by the overall competitors.

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