SSAH Fit Lab
We have something for everyone! Make a commitment to you, your health, your life 

Become a member and support our non profit in its mission to improve health and education while simultaneously becoming a role model for others by showing through action how to improve health and quality of life.

We have limited introductory packages and rates.  We are partnering with local companies in providing opportunities for their employees through sponsorships.  If your company is interested, please contact us for details.

Visit our "class plans" site for individual membership packages and rates: SSAHFITLAB.WODIFY.COM
Fit For Life Fundraising Campaign
Honor Someone with a Workout Named after them!
Staying functionally fit and independent is a lifelong commitment.
What better way to motivate others than through a custom workout!
Visit our GoFundMe page for complete details.  Coming this week!
Monthly Challenge
Each month, there is a weekly Wednesday challenge  between 11 am and 7 pm. 
There will be guest companies represented with free product or services.
Drop by and challenge yourself.  Improve your fitness and quality of life. 


3824 N Twin City Highway
Nederland, TX 77627
Drop by to see us!